The Fanami Project - Ep 002


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Introducing UPPIFY.ORG

Imagine a handful of youths waking up daily only to question the essence of survival and a game of cards. They once had a home, they once had something to do with their lives but presently they have been stripped of purpose and hope. They now live in camps. They are now labeled, “Internally Displaced Persons.” This is the case of some Nigerian Youths who now suffer the effects of terrorism.

“Write your way up!” the tagline for UPPIFY.ORG - a Fanami Project,  recently launched and has plans to engage these youths. The core of the platform is for critical reviews of Nigerian Films but what makes Uppify different from other review platforms is the pathway to developing nextgen Storytellers. Users earn points when they review films or offer critical comments on reviews. With 10,000 points, a user will be eligible to join A.I.R – an Artist in Residency program where mentorship and scholarship can enable the development of the user’s story into a film.

Fanami Project plans to engage the youths in IDP camps through a special offering which will provide smartphones with data plans to talented Storytellers in the camps to enable their access to UPPIFY.ORG.

Why storytellers? UBONG E. ETON, the visionary behind Fanami project said, ”Stories have the power to inspire change in a generation. By developing storytellers who inspire and enlighten, we can set into motion a culture of youths who are impacting their communities through stories that speak life and bring hope. Imagine seven months from now, a number of the youths in IDP camps are not waking up to a game of cards, they are not questioning essence of survival but they are writing screenplays, they are running around and creating films. They are touring film festivals, They are saying, “we wrote ourselves up!” Imagine the inspiration they will become to the youths in their communities, in this,  the mission of the Fanami Project will be fulfilled.”

UPPIFY.ORG  is now live, and a mobile app is slated for launch by the end of 2016. A crowdfunding campaign is also planned to raise awareness and also garner support in order to reach more youths.


The Fanami Project is UBONG E. ETON’s initiative dedicated to redefining futures for youths in developing countries.

UBONG E. ETON is the author of 8:59 - When the only certainty is a mirage. After graduating from the Los Angeles Dream Center Leadership School in 2012, he served with the Dream Center Media producing stories for Project Prevention. He also coordinated live streaming for the historic Angelus Temple. He currently serves with the Interactive Media Team at the multi-award winning creative agency - PlainJoe Studios based in Southern California. Ubong holds a diploma in Creative Multimedia, a BFA in Cinema and Television and is very passionate about making a difference in the lives of youths.





Nigeria: The case for redefining futures

Nigeria should fair better. I've been thinking the same thing since I was seven, but I think the Nigerian education is the culprit.

Nigeria can do better if we foster divergent thinkers. If we annually increase the percentage of Makers released into the market.

I believe if we have a generation highly passionate about solving problems, Nigeria will set its foot on the path of a redefined future.

My hopes for u84e is to inspire and create a community of people passionately seeking solutions to aged long problems. People who will learn coding in order to create an app that adds value to life or solves a common problem. People who will learn the tools of filmmaking to bring powerful stories to life, stories that will engage the human spirit in conversations leading us to the path of greater purpose.

I strongly believe we can!





Declare Your Candidacy

O' Nigeria,

Reading your unemployment report breaks my heart! 

Degrees, Masters, Phds you have accumulated for decades. Yet and despite how naturally resourced you are, why is your education assembly line not creating enough divergent thinkers?

And why do you put your hope where historically has failed on its promises?

Progress we've been promised, and Progress we'll ever be... But what about a revolution? 

John F. Kennedy said,

"Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” 

and that very thought just gives me a vision with thrills for a counterculture.

What if we can inspire, mentor, equip and empower a group of 6, perhaps a 1000 to champion the causes in their communities?

What if we can innovate, develop and build solutions that fill the need both locally and nationally? 

What if we can be intentional about FINDING A NEED AND MEETING IT?

There is hope in these thoughts and that is why I'm really excited about THE FANAMI PROJECT - an initiative to champion the cause of Redefining Futures.... 

My name is UBONG E. ETON, and I am running for the cause of emancipation, enlightenment, and empowerment.

No, I'm not on the ballot, but for three hundred and sixty five days, you can vote to champion the cause of THE FANAMI PROJECT.

You have a mandate in you. What are you declaring?


This campaign ad is Paid for by UBONG E. ETON.