O' Nigeria,

Reading your unemployment report breaks my heart! 

Degrees, Masters, Phds you have accumulated for decades. Yet and despite how naturally resourced you are, why is your education assembly line not creating enough divergent thinkers?

And why do you put your hope where historically has failed on its promises?

Progress we've been promised, and Progress we'll ever be... But what about a revolution? 

John F. Kennedy said,

"Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” 

and that very thought just gives me a vision with thrills for a counterculture.

What if we can inspire, mentor, equip and empower a group of 6, perhaps a 1000 to champion the causes in their communities?

What if we can innovate, develop and build solutions that fill the need both locally and nationally? 

What if we can be intentional about FINDING A NEED AND MEETING IT?

There is hope in these thoughts and that is why I'm really excited about THE FANAMI PROJECT - an initiative to champion the cause of Redefining Futures.... 

My name is UBONG E. ETON, and I am running for the cause of emancipation, enlightenment, and empowerment.

No, I'm not on the ballot, but for three hundred and sixty five days, you can vote to champion the cause of THE FANAMI PROJECT.

You have a mandate in you. What are you declaring?


This campaign ad is Paid for by UBONG E. ETON.